Northeast Spanish-speaking Conference

Northeast Spanish-speaking Conference

There will be an online conference for the Spanish-speaking saints in the churches
in the Northeast on September 18-20. The conference schedule is as follows:
Friday, September 18
7:30PM-9:00PM – Message 1

Saturday, September 19
7:30PM-9:00PM – Message 2

Lord’s Day, September 20
10:00AM-12:00PM – Message 3
4:00PM-5:30PM – Fellowship with the Families
7:30PM-8:30PM – Gospel meeting

Meetings will be in Spanish with English translation via Zoom Interpretation (see below)

Zoom Meeting Information

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Meeting ID: 930 6303 2929

Language translation is not available for phone participants.
Please use the Zoom App if you need translation.

Message Outlines

Mensaje uno / Message 1 Español English
Mensaje dos / Message 2 Español English
Mensaje tres / Message 3 Español English
Comunión con las familias /
Fellowship with the Families
Español (abbrev.)

English (abbrev.)

Zoom – Listening to Language Interpretation


  • Zoom Desktop Client
    • Windows: 4.5.3261.0825 or higher
    • macOS: 4.5.3261.0825 or higher
  • Zoom Mobile App
    • Android: 4.5.3261.0825 or higher
    • iOS: 4.5.0 (3261.0825) or higher
  • Language translation is not available for phone participants


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