Churchwide Truth Puruit of Romans

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This Week - Week 28

Level 1 – Sequential Study

Scripture Reading:
Rom. 7:1-25

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msgs. 44, 45

Level 1 Study Questions

1. What is self-likeness?
2. How can we be saved from our self?


Level 2 – Topical Study of Romans

Week 28 – Grafting

Rom. 11:16-32

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msg. 63-65;
The Experience of God’s Organic Salvation Equaling Reigning in Christ’s Life, ch. 4

Supplemental Reading:

Verse references:
Rom. 11:17 footnote 2 references and cross reference


Memory Verses for Prayer:
Rom. 11:17, 29

Level 2 Study Questions

1. Explain the picture of grafting in horticulture and in Romans 11.
2. How does Paul use grafting to describe the Jews and Gentiles in God’s economy?
3. How does grafting relate to us in our personal experience?
4. How does grafting relate to us in our corporate experience?

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Crucial Points: