Week 39


Level 1 – Sequential Study

Scripture Reading:
Rom. 15:1-33

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msgs.  66, 67

Level 1 Study Questions

1. What are the two condemnations in the book of Romans and how are they overcome?
2. Use the illustration of the power plant, electricity, switch, and appliance to illustrate the law of the Spirit of life.


Level 2 – Topical Study of Romans

Week 39 – Greetings in the Body Life

Rom. 16:1-27

Assigned Reading:
The Practical Points concerning Blending, chs. 1-5

Supplemental Reading:

Verse references:
Rom. 16:3 footnote “fellow” cross references;
Rom. 16:5 footnote 1 cross references;
Rom. 16:17 footnote 2 cross references


Memory Verses for Prayer:
Rom. 16:3-5a

Level 2 Study Questions

1. Why is there a section of greetings at the end of the book of Romans following the preceding chapters?
2. What is the significance of including greetings in the Bible, particularly in the New Testament?
3. Why is there an exhortation regarding divisive ones at the end of the book of Romans?
4. Why does Paul mention the God of peace crushing Satan under the church’s feet shortly at the end?
5. How can you practice the principles in Romans 16 in your church life?

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