Week 35


Level 1 – Sequential Study

Scripture Reading:
Rom. 13:1-7

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msgs. 58, 59

Level 1 Study Questions

1. What do you see concerning God’s mercy and His selection of grace?
2. How can we practice the Body life in the receiving of the believers?


Level 2 – Topical Study of Romans

Week 35 – Receiving the Believers as God has Received Them

Rom. 14:1-15:7

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msgs. 28; The Experience of God’s Organic Salvation Equaling Reigning in Christ’s Life, ch. 5

Supplemental Reading:

Verse references:
Rom. 14:1 footnote “weak” cross references;
Rom. 14:1 footnote 3 references


Memory Verses for Prayer:
Rom. 14:3-4

Level 2 Study Questions

1. What is the principle of our receiving believers as seen in Rom. 14:3?
2. What does it mean for Christ to be the Lord, especially with respect to receiving the believers?
3. When have you received believers differently due to an outward practice (e.g. Paul mentions receiving the believers differently due to eating)?
4. Are there persons we should not receive?

Accessing the Materials