Week 16


Level 1 – Sequential Study

Scripture Reading:
Rom. 11:1-36

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msg. 24

Level 1 Study Questions

1. What is the principle of a remnant in the Bible?
2. What should our response be to God’s selection and sovereignty over His vessels?

Level 2 – Topical Study of Romans

Week 16 – Knowing, Reckoning, and Presenting unto Sanctification

Rom. 6-7

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msg. 17; The Normal Christian Life, chs. 3-4

Supplemental Reading:

Verse references:
Rom. 6:19 footnote 2 cross references


Memory Verses for Prayer:
Rom. 6:11, 19

Level 2 Study Questions
1. What should we know and what should we reckon in Romans 6?
2. What is the difference between knowing and reckoning?
3. Why are knowing and reckoning important in a believer’s life?
4. Explain the sequence of knowing, reckoning, and presenting in Romans 6.
5. What is sanctification and how are we sanctified according to the Scriptures?


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