Week 10


Level 1 – Sequential Study

Scripture Reading:
Rom. 8:3-6

Assigned Reading:
Life-study of Romans, msgs. 15

Level 1 Study Questions
1. What is the significance of the law of the Spirit of life being a law?
2. Why is the mind the key in our experience of Romans 8?

Level 2 – Topical Study of Romans

Week 10 – Reconciliation and the Ministry of Reconciliation

Rom. 5:10-11

Assigned Reading:
Truth Lessons, Level One, Vol. 4, lesson 40; Life-study of 2 Corinthians, msgs. 14, 37

Supplemental Reading:
Christ and the Cross, ch. 14

Verse references:
Rom. 5:10 footnote 1 cross references


Memory Verses for Prayer:
Rom. 5:10-11

Level 2 Study Questions
1. What is reconciliation and why is it necessary?
2. Which matters, things, and/or persons require reconciliation to God?
3. What are the stages of reconciliation revealed in 2 Cor. 5:19-20?
4. What are areas in your life that need further reconciliation?

Accessing the Materials