Prayer Burdens for March 19, 2024

1. Loving the brotherhood (1 Pet. 2:17)–That the mutual shepherding in the church life would be strengthened and all the saints would experience the reality of “the brotherhood” (the family of the brothers, the brothers in the feeling of brotherliness)

2. The regional conference with Brother Ed Marks which will be held in Franklin, NJ this upcoming weekend

3. The salvation of the children in grade 5–Let us pray for the preparation of the hearts of the children, for the attendance of the children over the next several weeks, for the families of all these children, and for the serving ones; there are 36 fifth graders among all the nine halls of the church

4. The Northeast Spring Highschoolers’ Conference to be held at Camp Penuel (KPCC) over the weekend of March 29-31

5. The Citywide Senior Saints’ Conference which will be held on Saturday, April 6, in Hall 1

6. The Lord’s move in Europe:
a. Spring European University Conference being held in the Netherlands this upcoming weekend
b. Let us pray for the preparations for the gospel outreach which will take place throughout many parts of France in the coming months surrounding the Olympics and the Torch Relay

7. The various needs of the saints both locally and in other localities (e.g. physical and emotional, health-related, job-related, family-related, etc.)