Prayer Burdens for August 2, 2022

1. The Northeast Summer School of Truth–the high school session began yesterday and will continue through this upcoming Lord’s Day; the session for the middle schoolers will take place next week (August 8-12); a total of 232 are registered for this week and more than 150 are registered for next week. Please pray:
a. That the hearts of all the young people would be open and prepared to receive the Lord’s word (Luke 8:5a, 11)
b. That the young people would receive an experiential impression of the truth concerning The Two Spirits–the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit, and that the Spirit of reality would guide them into the reality of everything they receive
c. For the serving saints, that each one would be supplied by the Lord’s grace and be led by the Lord to provide the proper shepherding for the young people
d. For the Lord’s blessing on every aspect of the truth school, i.e. the message sessions, the small group sessions, the times in the cabins, recreation, meal times, etc.
e. For the KPCC camp staff
f. For the health of everyone at the camp, for the weather and for the binding of the enemy

2. The newly saved 5th and 6th grade children–a good number of them have been baptized over the past few weeks. Let us pray:
a. That all the recently saved children would be baptized
b. That all these newly saved ones would have the joy of salvation
c. That they all would receive the proper shepherding in their families and in the church life

3. The strengthening of the church in NYC:
a. The shepherding of all the saints of all ages through personal contact, visitation and the home meetings, including those who have not been meeting regularly
b. The strengthening of the church meetings and small group meetings this week
c. The strengthening of all the practical services in all nine halls

4. The health of all the co-workers and leading brothers in all the churches for the sake of the building up of the church and the Lord’s interests all over the earth (1 Kings 8:48)

5. The European Young People’s Conference being carried out in Poland this week

6. The various needs of the saints both locally and in other localities (e.g. physical and emotional, health-related, job-related, family-related, etc.)