Prayer Burdens for June 8, 2021

1. The shining of the lampstand in NYC:
a. The strengthening of the saints’ daily personal contact with the Lord in His word and their daily walk with the Lord (Col. 3:16; Gal. 5:25)
b. That all the saints would shine as luminaries in the world, holding forth the word of life, in the midst of a crooked and perverted generation (Phil. 2:15-16)

2. The follow-up of the preaching of the gospel to the children in grade 5; let us pray:
a. That each one of the children who received the Lord would have the assurance and joy of salvation
b. For their baptisms–Some will be baptized this weekend and others the following weekend
c. For household salvation in each family

3. All the upcoming summer events:
a. The semiannual training in July
b. The Summer College Training
c. The Chinese-speaking perfecting training
d. The Summer School of Truth
e. The Family Bible Camp

4. The small group meetings, the church meetings and all the services in all nine halls of the church this week–That the Lord would grant us wisdom and all the saints would be guided by the arbitrating peace of Christ as the church moves gradually back to in-person Lord’s Day meetings in all the meeting halls

5. Gospel to All the Nations Conference–The next in a series of online conference meetings with the focus of reaching the seekers in the African-American community and among those of African descent will be held this upcoming Saturday, June 12 (

6. The various needs of the saints both locally and in other localities (e.g. physical and emotional, health-related, job-related, family-related, etc.)