Children’s Meeting – 7/19/2020

Children’s Meeting Video #19

00:13 Greetings
00:55 SONG – “My God is So Great”
01:45 Greeting
01:55 SONG – “We Love to Please Our Mom and Dad”
02:45 Greetings
02:54 SONG – “Through Me”
04:20 Greetings
04:52 SONG – “We’re Gonna Be God’s Servin’ Children”
05:39 SONG – “Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone”
07:32 Greetings and Introduction to Lessons
08:05 Lesson for Younger Children – Having a Good Attitude
12:18 Memory Verse for Younger Children – Col. 4:6a “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt.”
13:49 Lesson for Older Children – NEHEMIAH
22:57 Memory Verse for Older Children – Nehemiah 4:14m “…Do not be afraid of them; remember the great and awesome Lord,…”
24:13 Craft Time – Making the Wall of Jerusalem
25:57 Family Activities – Things to Do with Your Family
27:10 Farewells
28:48 -end-


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