Children’s Meeting – 6/28/2020

Children’s Meeting Video #16

00:12 Greeting
00:20 SONG – “This is the Day”
1:26 Greeting
1:49 SONG – “Let’s be Happy”
2:28 Greetings
2:48 SONG – “Why Not I?”
4:03 Greetings
4:19 SONG – “He’s Able” medley in multiple languages
6:04 SONG – “God is Always Near Me”
7:10 Greeting
7:21 SONG – “When I Pray in the Morning”
8:03 Lesson for Younger Children – Being Content
12:41 Memory Verse for Younger Children – Phil. 4:11b “I have learned…to be content.”
13:54 NEW SONG – “I Have Learned To Be Content”
14:33 Lesson for Older Children – Daniel in the Lions’ Den
22:47 SONG – “We’re Jealous of That Daniel”
27:12 SONG – “Bold Daniel Was a Man of Prayer”
27:58 Memory Verse for Older Children – Daniel 6:10b “…three times daily he knelt on his knees and prayed and gave thanks before his God, because he had always done so previously.”
29:55 SONG – “Daniel Was a Man of Prayer”
30:37 CRAFT – Making a Prayer Wheel
33:11 SONG – “God is Always Near Me” (reprise)
33:57 Farewells
34:26 -end-

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