Children’s Meeting – 5/24/2020

Children’s Meeting Video #11

00:10 Song – “Companions”
01:18 Greetings
02:14 Song – “I Believe God”
02:39 Greeting
03:03 Song – “Our God is Living”
04:21 Song – “I Am a Very Special Child”
05:50 Lesson for Younger Children – Being Accommodating
07:36 Memory Verse for Younger Children – Heb. 10:24a “And let us consider one another…”
09:14 Song – “No One Likes To Be Left Out”
10:20 Lesson for Older Kids – Daniel (Part 1) – Daniel in captivity
16:34 Song – “There Once Was A Boy Named Daniel”
21:10 Memory Verse for Older Kids – Deut. 7:6 “For you are a holy people to Jehovah your God; it is you whom Jehovah your God has chosen…to be a people for His personal treasure.”
23:05 Song – Memory Verse Song of Deut. 7:6
23:41 Craft – Painting and Making a Paper Meal
28:29 Farewell


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