Children’s Meeting – 5/17/2020

Children’s Meeting Video #10

00:07 Greetings
00:26 Song – “From the Rising of the Sun”
01:28 Greetings
01:51 Song – “There’s a Reason for the Rule”
02:09 Greeting
02:40 Song – “I’d Like to Be Found Faithful”
04:23 Greeting
04:38 Song – “A Place for Everything”
05:26 Song – “Oh, Be Careful, Little Eyes What You See”
07:17 Lesson for Younger Children – Being Strict with Ourselves
09:32 Memory Verse for Younger Children – Eph. 5:15 “Look therefore carefully how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise,”
10:32 Song – “Seatbelt Song – I Love You, and You Love Me”
12:37 Lesson for Older Kids – Elisha (3 of 3 continued) – Ax Head
17:34 Being Faithful to Take Care of Library Books
19:27 Science experiment -Floating and Sinking Objects
22:23 Song – “Learn How to be Faithful Today”
23:29 Memory Verse for Older Kids – Luke 16:10a “He who is faithful in the least is faithful also in much;”
25:16 Craft – Making Your Own Puzzle
26:56 Farewell
27:02 Song – “From the Rising of the Sun” (reprise)


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