2020 International Thanksgiving Conference

2020 International Thanksgiving Conference
November 26 – 29

We are pleased to announce the meeting schedule for the 2020 International Thanksgiving Conference. Living Stream Ministry will host this conference completely online, in a way similar to the 2020 International Memorial Day Conference. The church in New York City will host Zoom meetings for viewing and for prophesying after the messages. All of the saints are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. We will update the Zoom meeting information on this web page during the week of the conference.

We are looking to the Lord and expecting Him to use this pandemic to do something extraordinary among us during this time. We are praying that He will help us to open this channel for the release of His Word through this ministry. To that end, we hope that all the churches and all the saints will prepare for this upcoming time of ministry and sanctify these days for the hearing of faith among us everywhere. Please pray for His blessing upon this conference. May it turn out to be a real memorial among us to the shame of God’s enemy and to the glory of God’s grace! 


Thanksgiving Conference
Schedule for New York City

Message 1 7:00 PM Thursday, Nov. 26
Message 2 10:00 AM Friday, Nov. 27
Review for Msgs 1, 2 4:00 PM Friday, Nov. 27
Message 3 7:00 PM Friday, Nov. 27
Message 4 10:00 AM Saturday, Nov. 28
Review for Msgs 3, 4 4:00 PM Saturday, Nov. 28
Message 5 7:00 PM Saturday, Nov. 28
Lord’s Table 9:00 AM Lord’s Day, Nov. 29
Message 6 10:00 AM Lord’s Day, Nov. 29
Review for Msgs 5, 6 4:00 PM Lord’s Day, Nov. 29


Thanksgiving Conference Zoom Links

Messages – All Languages

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Meeting ID: 961 9184 1060 Passcode: 2020
Dial In: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

English-speaking Review Session

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Meeting ID: 961 9184 1060 Passcode: 2020
Dial In: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Chinese-speaking Review Session (感恩节特会华语复习聚会)

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Meeting ID: 969 8350 1454 Passcode: 2020
Dial In: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Spanish-speaking Review Session (La Conferencia del Día de Acción de gracias)

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Meeting ID: 998 6487 0117 Passcode: 2020
Dial In: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Thanksgiving Conference Outlines

ENGLISH   繁體中文   简体中文   ESPAÑOL   한국어   РУССКИЙ

Outlines in additional languages can be found on the Living Stream Ministry website for the conference: https://www.conf.lsmwebcast.com/

2020 December Semiannual Training

2020 December Semiannual Training
December 25 – January 7

It is time to register for the December Semiannual Training. Each year in July and December the churches gather for a training on a “crystallization-study” of a book in the Bible. These are concentrated days to spend time in the Lord’s Word, receiving the ministry and fellowshipping with the saints. This year, all of the training meetings will be conducted online as a video training. The church in NYC will host Zoom meetings for viewing the messages, for studying and testing, and for prophesying.

If you wish to participate, you must register by the deadline of December 7, 2020. The requested training donation is $125.00 USD.

After registration, you will be provided with Zoom information and further instructions. Please register using this online form: Church in NYC semiannual training registration


Tentative Schedule
Date Time Message
Fri, Dec-25 4:00 PM Message 1
7:00 PM Message 2
Sat, Dec-26 10:00 AM Message 3
4:00 PM Message 4
7:00 PM Message 5
Sun, Dec-27 9:00 AM LORD’S TABLE
10:00 AM Message 6
(Open Meeting)
Fri, Jan-1 4:00 PM Message 7
7:00 PM Message 8
Sat, Jan-2 10:00 AM Message 9
4:00 PM Message 10
7:00 PM Message 11
Sun, Jan-3 9:00 AM LORD’S TABLE
10:00 AM Message 12
(Open Meeting)