Bible Reading Schedule for Semi-annual Training

(Note: The goal of the study questions is to increase our interest and apptitide in reading the Bible. There are no absolute answers to the questions.)

Week 1

Date Chapter Life-study Study Question #1 Study Question #2
Tue., 6/01 Josh. 1 Msg. 1-2 Why did God let Moses die but let Joshua lead the children of Israel to cross the river Jordan and enter into the good land?  
Wed., 6/02 Josh. 2-4 Msg. 3 How could we see Rahab’s faith from this chapter? What are the differences between the twelve stones taken up and those erected in the river Jordan by the children of Israel? What do the stones typify?
Thur., 6/03 Josh. 5 Msg. 5-6 Crossing the river Jordan signifies burial and resurrection. Why did the children of Israel still need circumcision after crossing of the river Jordan?  
Fri., 6/04 Josh. 6-8 Msg. 7-8 What were the reasons of Israel’s defeat at Ai in Chapter 7? What were the reasons of their victory at Ai in Chapter 8? What can we learn from them?  

Week 2

Date Chapter Life-study Study Question #1 Study Question #2
Mon., 6/07 Josh. 9-12 Msg. 9-10 Did Joshua have faith about the victory in the battle? Was he afraid? What did God speak to him? And how did Joshua encourage the children of Israel? Why could Joshua pray boldly in Chapter 10,Verses 12-13? What canwe learn from it?
Tue., 6/08 Josh. 13-17 Msg. 11 What was the attitude of Caleb towards his allotted land? Why could Caleb say “I am still as strong as I was” at 85 years old in Chapter 14? What was Moses’ condition at 120 years old? What can we learn from them?
Wed., 6/09 Josh. 18-22 Msg. 12 Is casting lots based on the luck of tribes or on God’s ordination? Was there any advantage of casting lots? What revelation can we see from the disturbance caused by the altar built up by the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh?
Thur., 6/10 Josh. 23-24 Msg. 13-15 Please describe the feelings of Joshua when he gave his departure words. What do the words remind us? What was Joshua’s purpose in his repeating words to the children of Israel about serving Jehovah?
Fri., 6/11 Judg. 1-3 Msg. 1-3 Who was the Angel of Jehovah in Chapter 2? What was the Angel’s purpose? What was the Angle’s title in the midst of the children of Israel?  

Week 3

Date Chapter Life-study Study Question #1 Study Question #2
Mon., 6/14 Judg. 4-5 Msg. 4 What was the role and function of Deborah in Chapter 4 Verses 4-5? Was it related to the victory of the children of Israel? Which tribes took part in the battle in Chapters 4-5? Which tribes were the farthest from the battle?
Tue., 6/15 Judg. 6-8 Msg. 5 What were the four factors that caused the economical Spirit came upon Gideon? What was the relationship between the round loaf of barley bread and the sword of Gideon in Chapter 7 Verses 13-14 (ref. Eph 6:17)? Chapter 8 Verses 4 says “weary yet pursuing”. Why were the warriors weary? Why were they pursuing?
Wed., 6/16 Judg. 9-10 Msg. 6 Shechem was one of the cities of refuge designated by God, that those unintentional manslayers could stand at its gate and plead for God’s gracious sheltering. But Abimelech tore down Shechem, thus eliminated that sheltering. What does it remind us?  
Thur., 6/17 Judg. 11-12 Msg. 7 Jephthah made a vow to Jehovah that he would offer a burnt offering in Chapter 11 Verses 30-31. Who kept the vow?  
Fri., 6/18 Judg. 13-16 Msg. 8 Which verses support Samson to be a Nazarite? Samson was sanctified in the womb of his mother. What is the warning can we get from his ending in Chapter 16 Verse 21?

Week 4

Date Chapter Life-study Study Question #1 Study Question #2
Mon., 6/21 Judg. 17-18 Msg. 9 Was Micah a Israelite? Why did he worship Jehovah? What was the outcome of Dan that they set up of priests for themselves?
Tue., 6/22 Judg. 19-21 Msg. 10 Why did the tribes of Israel regret for slaughtering the tribe of Benjamin?  
Wed., 6/23 Ruth 1-2 Msg. 1-3 Naomi’s bitter expression that it was Jehovah that dealt with her could have discouraged Orpah and Ruth from following her. Why did Ruth still determine to follow Naomi? Did Ruth take advantage of others that she gleaned in the field? Did she have the right? If so, who gave the right to her? What is the application to us?
Thur., 6/24 Ruth 3-4 Msg. 4-5 Why was the closer kinsman willing to redeem the portion of the field but not to acquire Ruth? Why was Boaz willing to acquire Ruth?  
Fri., 6/25   Msg. 6-8 In what aspects does Boaz typify the Lord Jesus?