2022 December Semiannual Video Training

2022 December Semiannual Video Training

December 29, 2022 - January 12, 2023

Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

The December 2022 Semi-Annual Video Training, which will be on Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, will be held online via Zoom.

Registration for the video training remains open:

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2022 December Video Training Schedule

Date Time Message Hymns
Thu, Dec 29 7:30 PM Message 1
Fri, Dec 30 7:30 PM Message 2
Sat, Dec 31 10:00 AM Message 3
4:00 PM Message 4
7:00 PM Message 5
LD, Jan 1 10:00 AM LORD’S TABLE
Message 6 (Open Meeting)
Mon, Jan 2 7:30 PM Message 7
Fri, Jan 6 7:30 PM Message 8
Sat, Jan 7 10:00 AM Message 9
4:00 PM Message 10
7:00 PM Message 11
LD, Jan 8 10:00 AM LORD’S TABLE
Message 12 (Open Meeting)
Note: On the two Lord’s Days during the training, saints should join the Lord’s Table meeting in their respective districts at 10:00 AM and then all the districts will come together to join the citywide Zoom meeting for the open meeting at 11:00 AM.

Zoom Information

Review/Study Sessions (in English)

These 1-hour sessions are open to all the saints. You do not have to register in the training to attend. There will be a presentation of the messages followed by a short time in breakout rooms with further sharing from the saints as a review of the messages. This has been a wonderful way for all the saints to receive the messages and burden from the training. All are welcome!

Date Time Messages Covered
Wed, Jan 4 7:30 PM Messages 1 & 2
Thu, Jan 5 7:30 PM Messages 3 & 4
Mon, Jan 9 7:30 PM Messages 5 & 6
Wed, Jan 11 7:30 PM Message 7 & 8
Thu, Jan 12 7:30 PM Messages 9 & 10

Zoom Information

Study Questions

Msg Message Title Questions
1 God’s Move in Man’s History for the Carrying Out of His Eternal Economy English Spanish Korean
2 Crucial Aspects of Living in the Good Land after Returning from Captivity in Babylon English Spanish Korean
3 The Rebuilding of the Altar of God—the Altar of Burnt Offering English Spanish Korean
4 The Recovery of the Building of the House of God through the Divine Encouragement of the Prophets of God English Spanish Korean
5 Ezra, a Priestly Scribe, and the Need for Ezras—Those Skilled in the Word of God English Spanish Korean
6 The Intrinsic Significance of the Purification of the Returned Captives English Spanish Korean
7 Nehemiah—a Pattern of One Who Has Dispensational Value to God English Spanish Korean
8 Building the Wall of the City for the Protection of the Church as the House of God English Spanish Korean
9 Building and Fighting—the Need to Engage in Spiritual Warfare for the Building of the Church English SpanishKorean
10 The Central and Crucial Point of the Recovery Books of Ezra and Nehemiah—the Proper and Adequate Leadership in the Lord’s Recovery English Spanish Korean
11 The Intrinsic Significance of Ezra’s Ministry and Nehemiah’s Leadership—to Build Up the Church as the House of God and the Kingdom of God by Living Out and Working Out the New Jerusale – n/a –
12 A God Who Hides Himself—the Hidden God – n/a –